Thursday, August 19, 2010

Dear Friends in Diplomatic Missions, Foreign Offices, Embassies, Media & Donor Agencies,

As you know, the unprecedented monsoon rains in Pakistan have triggered a massive humanitarian crisis that have threatened the lives and well-being of millions of people in the floodwaters' path, particularly villagers and residents of (KACHA) riverine areas of Sindh, claiming over 850 lives and affecting nearly 8 million people. These floods are recorded as being the worst to ravage Sindh in a 100 years. Roads and farms are submerged in water, putting estimated relief, rehabilitation and reconstruction costs at more than 6 billion Rupees. Those entrapped and displaced are suffering acutely due to lack of boats, helicopters, ground transport, shelter, food and clean water. This is an hour we all must come together and show our wholehearted support for the flood survivors. It is critical that the immediate needs such as transport, food, clean water and medicine are provided to those affected. Its the human suffering that stares one in the face - collapsed houses, desperate faces, people running after relief materials, scores of families entrapped on roofs, huddled in temporary shelters and destruction of standing crops on lacks of acres of land. Most of the remote parts of Northern Sindh have been badly hit, dozens of towns including Thul, Ghauspur, Karampur, Tangwani have been inundated and damaged severely, more than a million helpless people are still encircled by water, hundreds of villagers including women and Children have drowned and disappeared, houses, domestic animals, vehicles, fish ponds, tube-wells and crops have been completely damaged.

In this catastrophic situation, 8 million flood affected Sindhis and 60 million people of Sindh appeal to the world community to extend aid for the flood victims of Sindh & Pakistan. For the last two weeks many areas of Sindh specially the Kandhkot-Kashmore, Jacobabad, Ghotki, Sukkur, Shikarpur, Larkana, Khairpur, Noshehro Feroz, Nawabshah, Dadu, Hala, Hyderabad, Tando Muhammad Khan and Thatta constantly under the devastation of floods. Around eight millions are affected by the worst ever floods in the history of Sindh which wreak havoc all across the country and erased hundreds of the villages while depriving millions of their homes, belongings, savings, beloved ones and lives forever.

The People of Sindh are in need of boats, helicopters, ground transportation including Rescue Trains and relief supports like food grains, tarpaulins, blankets and Clothings, medicare measures etc. after which a long term development process is required for their proper rehabilitation and security of life including aged women and children along with the domestic animals. Sources of safe drinking water and proper arrangement of hygienic material just to avoid a severe contamination of drinking water are needed to be taken care of. People of Pakistan also request to world community to extend their aid for the rehabilitation of the flood affected people . It should be our priority to rehabilitate all the victims of flood at its earliest and to serve this purpose we appeal to the world community, The UNO, The Friends of Pakistan, The World Bank, ADB, SAARC, Common Wealth, European Union, G-8, Arab League, OIC and International Relief Organizations and Donors including Red Cross, UNDP, USAID, AUSAID, OXFAM, SAP, ActionAid, CIDA, DFID, BMZ, JICA, SNPO, CRS, Lions Club, British Council, Rotary Club, UNICEF, GTZ, WFP, Save the Children Fund, Agha Khan Foundation and others to come forward to establish funds and relief camps for the relief of flood affected peace loving people of Pakistan.

Concerned organizations and individuals have provided relief at different BANDS through medical care and distributions of food and primary health services. The common illnesses our medical teams are treating include malaria, pneumonia, diarrhea, flue, skin infections and scabies. There are identified twelve (12) urgent needs of flood affected families that will have to be addressed by the Government and International Donors over the longer term: 1-Transportation, 2-Shelter, 3-Food, 4-Health and Nutrition, 5-Security, 6-Protection of Livestock and belongings, 7- Regaining incomes, 8-Restoration of Food Production Ability, 9-Eduaction of Children, 10-Accountablity of Funds and Donations, 11-Capacity Enhancement, Repair & Maintenance of three Barrages & all Canals, 12-Permenment Rehabilitation of Flood Affected People.

Through this appeal the People of Pakistan are sending an SOS message and fact sheet of the flood victims to the Conscience of the World. We expect your cordial handling of the situation, Please extend your co-operation to affected people, to Govt of Pakistan, Pakistan based NGOs & Political Organizations, to save the victims of Pakistan temporarily and for a long-term involvement. The need is dire and we all must act with the greatest possible urgency to rush aid and relief to those affected.
Course type: International news
Start date: 01 Nov 2010
End date: 05 Nov 2010
Location: Hanoi, Vietnam
Language: English
Partners: Vietnam Television (VTV)
Deadline: 18 Oct 2010
The core activity concerns the challenges and techniques involved in covering international-scale crises and disasters, using Reuters and other world news organisations as a model. We will concentrate on natural disasters and humanitarian crises of all sorts, and the special problems that can arise in covering them. Through briefings and practical writing exercises against deadlines, the course will help journalists improve their skills and recognise problem areas, within an interactive group environment. The Thomson Reuters Foundation AlertNet service ( will provide a central resource during the course.


Open to journalists from South-East Asia currently working full- time for Asian media organisations . Applicants must also be able to demonstrate a commitment to a career in journalism in their country., have at least two years' professional experience and have a good level in spoken and written English.


Thomson Reuters Foundation offers bursaries for journalists from the developing world/countries in political transition working for organisations with no resources for training. Bursaries would include economy class travel expenses and budget accommodation (for journalists based outside Vietnam). This arrangement is subject to variation.


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  • Two recent examples of your published work, preferably relevant to the course for which you are applying, with a brief summary in English (if necessary). TV/Radio journalists can send in their scripts and a brief summary.
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Monday, August 16, 2010

Visit to Al-Khidmat Welfare Society

Today I visited Al-Khidmat Welfare Society(, I met with many officials and they gave me very good response. They assure me that if I identify any area they will establish camp. For this purpose I have to give them all details that where people have stayed in Karachi who are flood victims. Al-Khidmat Welfare Society will not help only those who are in Karachi but also to all Locations where Flood affected people have gone.

Asif Memon
General Secretary
Supertec Foundation

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Happy New Year

The new year is coming, the years gone have tought us a lot, and have given us gift’s like the internet, and companies like Google , Apple, Microsoft and Facebook who have changed the world as we live in.

So following the steps of these Giant’s in the coming years, we want to walk on their steps and the SuperTec foundation will be doing the following in the coming years:

To make the following 3 sectors as great as possible

1. Health
2. Education
3. Immigration

In these 3 sectors we want to do what hotmail has done for Email, where no health and education related organization has to ever BUY a software again, it will be there for them to use.

For Immigration we are creating software where no country is left behind without a proper online immigration and visa management system.

The projects are now live on and

We need your support with kind by spreading the word around, and helping us in anyway you think you can, be it a small wish of luck 


Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Celebrating Earth Day

Celebrating Earth Day.

Our Mother earth's day is being celebrated, and we at our end would also like to play our part on this.

As you know using more telephony means less carbon emissions on the road.

When we use our broadband, and telephony for work, it means we use less fuel to travel to work, and cause less harm to the environment.

We want you to be part of this day, and get the world more wired to each other, so we can distribute more love and compassion around the world.

On this day we are pleased to announce the creation of Super Technologies Foundation.

This Foundation will be providing the developing world technology to self sustain the infrastructure that is needed for them to develop them selves, and depend less on traditional Gas hogging technologies that cause more carbon emissions.

Join our cause, by buying more phone numbers today and all the earnings that are made today, will be donated to the Earth Day cause of Super Technologies Foundation.

Thank You for being a part of us,

Suzanne Bowen
Super Technologies Inc.