Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Celebrating Earth Day

Celebrating Earth Day.

Our Mother earth's day is being celebrated, and we at our end would also like to play our part on this.

As you know using more telephony means less carbon emissions on the road.

When we use our broadband, and telephony for work, it means we use less fuel to travel to work, and cause less harm to the environment.

We want you to be part of this day, and get the world more wired to each other, so we can distribute more love and compassion around the world.

On this day we are pleased to announce the creation of Super Technologies Foundation.

This Foundation will be providing the developing world technology to self sustain the infrastructure that is needed for them to develop them selves, and depend less on traditional Gas hogging technologies that cause more carbon emissions.

Join our cause, by buying more phone numbers today and all the earnings that are made today, will be donated to the Earth Day cause of Super Technologies Foundation.

Thank You for being a part of us,

Suzanne Bowen
Super Technologies Inc.